Health and wellbeing conversations – are we having them?

This blog, written by our co-founder Claire, is a reflection, 10 months on, from her original blog in April 2020 about how we can support front line workers during the pandemic.

Back in April last year (2020) we wrote a blog about moral injury, which, at that time was often highlighted as the overlooked stressor for healthcare workers.  Moral injury is caused by the distress experienced when circumstances clash with our moral or ethical code. Nearly a year on, we hear many accounts of moral injury and inevitably those who suffer moral injury are at risk of developing a range of mental health issues.  Two good resources have been published about moral injury, both highlight the importance of conversations:  

Health and wellbeing conversations are integral to the NHS people plan and from September last year (2020) every member of the NHS should have a health and wellbeing conversation and develop a personalised plan.  Your own organisation may be supporting you to have wellbeing conversations with people in your team.  A good starting point for how to have a wellbeing conversation can be found on the MIND website.

So are you having them?  If so, how are they helping? If not, what is getting in the way?

We would love to hear your views.

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