We have two key tools which we bring together to keep your staff happy, healthy, and in work. The first is our Health and Wellbeing assessment toolkit, and the second is our evidence-based strategic approach to workplace health and wellbeing. You can read more about each tool by clicking on the tabs below.

What is the HWB assessment toolkit?

In 2017 we were commissioned by the Manchester Health and Wellbeing Board to review what NHS, Local Authorities, and Voluntary sectors were doing to improve the wellbeing of their workforce.  As a result of this work we developed a unique Health and Wellbeing Assessment Framework and range of support interventions. We developed this framework into an easy-to-use toolkit, which our clients can use to assess their organisation’s workplace health and wellbeing including key strengths and areas for improvement.

We’ve created an infographic to let you know about our toolkit, and how it can improve your workplace. You can check it out here – HWB Assessment: Why should you invest in workplace health and wellbeing?

You can access a preview copy of our HWB Assessment Toolkit here – HWB Assessment: Toolkit Preview

What does the HWB assessment toolkit do?

Our Health and Wellbeing Assessment Framework enables you to:

  • Develop your strategy through assessing your current approach i.e. what are you doing well? Where can you improve?
  • Assess and capture the impact of your strategy

The framework is unique because:

  • It assesses four areas of Health and Wellbeing including mental health and disability and long-term conditions (no other Health and Wellbeing tool has this focus)
  • You can self-assess against the criteria and develop your own strategy, we can support you to undertake the assessment, or we can take it off your hands and conduct the assessment for you
  • The framework is editable, meaning you can use it periodically to capture and compare organisational performance and build on your strategy’s success over time

Our framework, along with our years of experience, strong evidence-base, and industry connections allows us to provide unique support for organisations of many sizes, backgrounds, and industries. We want to make sure as many organisations as possible have the chance to keep their staff happy, healthy, and in work.

Get in touch to request your free editable copy of the toolkit, and start assessing your organisational health and wellbeing today!

What does our evidence-based strategic approach include?

It includes 4 key areas of work which are outlined below.

1- Health and wellbeing strategy

Embed health and wellbeing into your overall organisational strategy and culture through:

  • Securing executive level commitment
  • Developing your Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Assessing and evaluating the impact of your Health and Wellbeing Strategy (with our easy-to-use HWB assessment framework)
  • Supporting you to engage, communicate, and work with your stakeholders to share/implement your strategy

2- Interventions – people, policies, and processes

Support you to develop and implement a programme of health and wellbeing interventions by:

  • Developing a Wellbeing Champions programme to ensure the sustainability of your Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Developing HR policies and process such as flexible working
  • Offering training and development such as; resilience, stress management, and change management
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators to measure impact

3- Support with mental health

Develop your approach to managing mental health in the workplace through:

  • Mental Health First Aid Training

4- Leadership and management support and development

Support your Leaders, Managers, and People to implement your Health and Wellbeing strategy through:

  • Leadership and Management Development including psychometrics
  • Coaching and mentoring