About us

Who are HWB Inspiration?

HWB Inspiration is a health & wellbeing-focused initiative run by PACE and Aspire, two North West based organisations with an ambition to use evidence based approaches to inspire organisations, and teams to improve employee health and wellbeing in the work place.


Su Fowler-Johnson of PACE (left), and Claire Harris of Aspire (right).

This drive comes from the work we do every day, recognising that employers may need support to think about what needs to be in place to make sure that people stay healthy, well and in work.  We want to learn from the best and share good practice, tools and techniques that mean that work places have the right conditions to get the best from the most important asset – the people.

How can HWB Inspiration help you achieve a healthy workplace?

Each organisation is different, so will be at different points in their journey in developing and implementing their approach to Health and Wellbeing. Our framework and strategic approach, along with our years of experience, strong evidence-base, and industry connections allow us to provide unique support for organisations of many sizes, backgrounds, and industries. We want to make sure as many organisations as possible have the chance to keep their staff happy, healthy, and in work.

Why should you trust us to improve your organisation’s workplace health and wellbeing?

Over the last 10 years we have worked to help individuals, teams and organisations develop and implement strategies to achieve high performance.  We have worked in both public and private sectors including education, NHS, and Health and Safety Executive. 

You can read about HWB Inspiration’s key product, the HWB Baseline Assessment Framework, and why it benefits your organisation to invest in workplace health and wellbeing, here