Keeping people happy, healthy, and in work

Health and Wellbeing (“HWB”) Inspiration is a collaborative effort founded by two organisations, PACE and Aspire, to help other organisations achieve a healthy workplace by keeping their staff happy, healthy, and in work. We achieve this through our evidence-based strategic approaches and easy-to-use toolkit, both of which we offer to organisations to provide a bespoke service to suit their needs.


These are challenging times for us all and we are all thinking about ways that we can support health and care staff (and other key workers).  Here at HWB Inspiration, we are committed to doing what we can at this time. 

Our intention is to provide support and help where we can add most value.  All of us will need each other over the coming weeks and months.  Key workers are so important to us all.  They are working hard to make sure that we all have food in our cupboards, keeping us safe, keeping us well.  We can help by helping them with their mental health and wellbeing. 

Over the last 10 years we have worked to help individuals, teams and organisations develop and implement strategies to achieve high performance. We have worked with a range of private and public sector organisations including health, education, law, local government, voluntary sector, and other industries.

What is the cost of an unhealthy workplace?

  • Employee Sickness impacts on organisational performance and profit:
    • The annual cost of sickness absence for UK businesses is around £554 per employee (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development [CIPD] 2018)
    • The annual cost of mental health related presenteeism (people coming to work and underperforming due to ill-health) is £605 per employee (CIPD / MIND 2011)
  • Mental ill health is now the most common cause of long-term absence:
    • Mental ill health is the most common cause of long-term absence accounting for 59% (CIPD 2019)
    • It costs £3.1 billion to replace staff who leave their jobs due to mental ill-health each year (Centre for Mental Health 2017)
  • Work contributes to mental ill health for over half of employees in the UK:
    • 61% of UK employees have experienced a mental health issue due to work or where work was a contributing factor, and 33% of the UK workforce have been formally diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime (Business in the Community 2018)
  • Developing a strategic approach to health and psychological wellbeing can positively impact on your organisations through:
    • Business performance
    • Employee morale and engagement
    • Organisational citizenship
    • Attendance i.e. sickness absence and presenteeism
    • Behaviours i.e. innovation and creativity (Robertson 2019)
  • We have the experience to help you avoid these unnecessary costs. You can read more about them on our "about us" and 'tools' pages.

What does a good strategic approach to health and wellbeing include?

  • Health and wellbeing strategy:
    • “As well as benefitting employees, an integrated approach to Health and Wellbeing can nurture heightened levels of employee engagement and foster a workforce where people are committed to achieving organisational success” (CIPD 2018)
  • Interventions – People, policies, and processes:
    • “Employees favour a workplace that cares for their wellbeing and demonstrates support for wellbeing through healthy work/life balance and strong diversity policies” (World Federation for Mental Health 2017)
    • Flexible workers are likely to be engaged in potentially generating 43% more revenue and improving performance by 20% (CIPD 2018)
  • Support with mental health:
    • “Simple steps to improve the management of mental health in the workplace, including prevention and early identification of problems, should enable employers to save 30% or more of these costs – at least £8 billion a year” (Centre for Mental Health)
  • Leadership and Management support and development:
    • “To truly achieve healthy a workplace, an employer needs to ensure that its culture, leadership, and people management are the bedrock on which to build a fully integrated wellbeing approach” (CIPD 2018)
  • Our evidence-based strategic approach embodies all of these areas, and is paired with our wealth of experience and easy-to-use assessment framework. You can read more about them on our tools page.

What do our clients have to say?

“The Health and Wellbeing Baseline Assessment was a good way of collecting all our information on health and wellbeing in one place so that we could see the breadth of activity we already have - but so that we could see where there might be more that we could do. It was helpful to.... ”
"....The high standard of the report that went to the Health and Wellbeing Board enabled us to come back together with a clear mandate and that was powerful, it got health and wellbeing clearly on the agenda. I would like to endorse their supportive and informed approach...."
"Aspire and PACE were a great team of experienced Health and Wellbeing professionals, full of determination and passion.  Their combined backgrounds, expertise and knowledge of the system meant that they were able to flex their approach, accommodate competing...."