Case studies

We have completed several case studies to support the work we do at HWB Inspiration, which you can read here:

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Board Workplace Health Assessment 

This report was published in June 2017 after Manchester Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB) made work and health a strategic priority, and set a goal that member organisations should be exemplar employing organisations in relation to workplace health. This triggered a request to “take a transparent look” at how organisations across Manchester were performing in this area.

HWB Assessment Report Case Study 

Aspire and PACE were commissioned by Manchester Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB) to take a transparent look at health and wellbeing in the workplace across the health and care system in Manchester. The commissioned work spanned 12 months. This report outlines the findings and recommendations.

Evaluation Case Study

Aspire and PACE’s Health and Wellbeing Baseline Assessment (HWBBA) project began in May 2016 and concluded July 2017 with the production of several outputs. This report takes a look at what we achieved and evaluates HWBBA’s uses, successes, and areas for improvement.

Partnership Case Study

Here, Aspire and PACE take a retrospective look at the Health and Wellbeing Baseline Assessment (HWBAA). We reflect on our approach, learning, partnership working, and impact for our commissioners.

HWB Inspiration Case Studies Compendium

Here, Aspire and PACE present a summary of the case studies from the participating organisations and the literature on the proceeding pages. We have arranged the case studies using our Health and Wellbeing Assessment Framework which covers four areas of good practice critical to developing positive health and wellbeing cultures.